Tonight Greg took me to Cafe Gratitude for my first raw food experience. Our server, Lizzie, acted more as a spiritual guide than someone who brings us food. We even got assignments from her: to discuss someone in our lives for whom deserves our acknowledgment. She actually had to return three times to get our food order because Greg and I were so wrapped up in conversation we kept forgetting to look at the menu.

I love conversing with Greg. We shared perspectives on sex, spirituality, inner work, his new relationship, relationships in general, the power of transformative experiences…no topic is off limits.

He also did something amazingly cool: once in October he was frustrated with me…and confronted me on it. And while this is a regular happening among warriors, I still find conflict skills missing in friendships outside warriors. Greg had the guts to call me on my shit. I know it was hard for him…but it really impressed me as to the kind of man he is.

Greg is one of the few friends I made in San Francisco.I actually resisted making friends – I came for new experiences and sight-seeing…but didn’t want to make long-lasting friendships with folks who I’d end up adding to my “folks I owe phone calls” list. But it’s hard to resist Greg. He’s a wonderful man.

I’m glad we’re buddies.

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