Allow Me To Introduce the Butterfly King

The folks at gaylistbookreviews were very kind to offer me a blot spot so I could introduce readers to the main character of my next book, The Butterfly King.

I’ll but a little preview in this blog post…and the link to the full article at the bottom. Hope you enjoy!

My Characters Talk To Me

In the past, whenever I heard some flibbertigibbet author drone on about how ‘my characters talk to me…’ I would immediately roll my eyes. Yes, yes, your character talks to you. They create scenes in your head. Your big-breasted protagonist tells you what kind of gin she likes. Your hung cop narrator describes his mean older brother growing up. I’d hear an author say, “I just put two characters together in my head and just watch. Some days it seems like I’m just recording their antics and they’re doing the writing.”

Oh gawd. Kill me now.

I don’t know why it bugged me so much to hear authors talk about their characters that way. Maybe I thought it seemed disingenuous, pretending like writing was magic. Writing didn’t feel like magic to me. I worked hard on sentence construction, reducing adverbs, trying to find plausible motivation. The idea that you drop off your characters like you might a kid for day care and then “just watch,” seemed to dishonor the work that goes into writing.

Maybe it just sounded pretentious.

Maybe it was jealousy. I had been writing for many years and while I loved pondering characters and how they would get along and interact with each other, I can’t say I honestly felt these characters moving through me in a way that felt like they asserted their own will and presence.

Whatever the reason, it was pretty humiliating when I started feeling characters “talk to me.” Not like voices in my head telling me the neighbors are trying to kill me (though I do have my suspicions). No, one day I found myself arguing with a character, the Butterfly King, and I thought, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m the author. I get to do what I want.’ In my head, the Butterfly King said, “I see.”

I knew the conversation wasn’t over.

With great humility, it’s now my turn to admit a pretentious truth: sometimes characters talk to me.

They argue with me. I argue back.

What changed? Maybe these days I let myself have more fun with characters. Maybe I finally started listening the way an author is supposed to listen. I dunno. I accept this new reality and I’m blushing a little bit, so I’m aware that I’m a hypocrite at least. That’s something.

I’d like to share some ongoing conversation I’ve had with the main character of my latest release, The Butterfly King. Terrance Altham is a 41-year-old middle manager in a white collar job he doesn’t like. He lives in New York. He doesn’t like how his life has played out so far, feeling he was meant for a greater destiny but family obligations kept him from a life where he might have been someone more important.

Who knows? Perhaps he could have even become a king.

Link to the full conversation

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  1. Sofia Says:

    Hi Edmond

    I want to read The Butterfly King. At the moment I’m only finding it listed on Amazon. Is it going to be available elsewhere?

    Congrats on the release

    Sofia (tired of refreshing allromance in vain)

  2. Edmond Says:

    Sofia, I’m sorry about the delay! I’ll look into Allromance tonight.

  3. Sofia Says:

    Thanks Edmond *waves*

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