King Daniel, Chapters 1-10

Didn’t you sometimes resent J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series?

She created this fantastic world that sucked us in and made us care about potions class, an old geezer named Dumbledore, and bewitched furniture. But then we had to wait two years for the next installment. Two years. C’mon, woman, give us a fix! I had always wished she provided a tasty tidbit between novels, like a Harry Potter short story.

I’m a slow writer, so between king novels I’m hoping to provide you with a tasty tidbit.

Roughly six months after the last book release (which hopefully is roughly six month before the next full novel), I will make chapters available from the sixth book in the series, King Daniel.

I know, I know.

It’s messed up. But Vin Vanbly’s tale is odd and the telling of his stories must also reflect this oddness. Just go with it. Part of the grand adventure.

The release schedule:

King Perry (first book) – February, 2012

King Daniel, chapters 1-3 – October 2012

King Mai (second book) – July, 2013

King Daniel, chapters 4-7 – January, 2014

The Butterfly King (third book) – September, 2014

King Daniel, chapters 8-10– April, 2015

King John (fourth book) – September, 2015

King Daniel, chapter 11– January, 2016

The tension in Daniel’s story ratchets up higher in the latest chapters, revealing several of his dark secrets in his ongoing quest to find his kingship. What happened in the garage? Who is DC? What happened to Vin? I hope you enjoy meeting Daniel and exploring the world of the Found Kings in 2013, the year this story takes place.

All my love,

Edmond Manning

King Daniel Chapters 1-10

3 Responses to “King Daniel, Chapters 1-10”

  1. sofia Says:

    Hi Edmond

    Send me to the blazes it this is not a good question.

    Do you know when King John will be out?

    I’m getting withdrawal anxiety :)

    Wishing you best of everything – S

  2. Edmond Says:

    King John should be out in September, 20115. I’m working on the exact date right now!

  3. Edmond Says:

    Sofia, September 10th! September 10th! September 10th!

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