King Daniel, Chapters 1-11


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If you’re reading these chapters, you’re reading for the “sriracha” version of The Lost and Founds. Good for you. Spice of life, type stuff.

Vin Vanbly is odd, and the telling of his stories must reflect this oddness. Just go with it. Part of the grand adventure. If you’re here looking to explore the Heightened Cliffhanger sequence, here’s your guide.


  1. Read King Perry.
  2. In King Daniel (the sixth book—not yet published), read chapters 1-3.
  3. Read Kin Mai.
  4. In King Daniel, read chapters 4-7.
  5. Read The Butterfly King.
  6. In King Daniel, read chapters 8-10.
  7. Read King John.
  8. In King Daniel, read chapter 11.
  9. Read Come Back To Me.
  10. Finish King Daniel (to be release in early 2017).


The chess pieces are on the board. Vin Vanbly. Daniel Connors. The prophecies. The king whose initials are DC. The Great Remembering. What happened to Vin in 2005? What role does Daniel play in The Lost and Founds?

Enjoy exploring the world of the Found Kings in 2013, the year King Daniel takes place.

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Link:  King Daniel Chapters 1-11


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  1. Brenda Vander Linden Says:

    Stumbled across this series and look forward to reading this series.

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