Different Ways To Read The Lost and Founds

Hi. I’m Edmond Manning, author, and enjoyer of beefy mac. This is gonna be weird. If you’re enjoying The Lost and Founds thus far, I wanted to give you a little guidance on your journey through the series. See, I designed this series to be read a few different ways. Depending on the sequence you choose, you will have a unique experience.

#1 – Traditional Sequence: This is the sequence in which the full novels were published. (Heh. I used in which. Very adulting.) Personally, I feel this is probably the second best sequence to read the series, first time through.


  1. King Perry
  2. King Mai
  3. The Butterfly King
  4. King John
  5. Come Back to Me
  6. King Daniel


#2 – Heightened Cliffhanger Sequence:  Designed to tease and taunt readers who want a little extra thrill (sriracha) splashed into their Vin Vanbly adventures. In my option, this is probably the best sequence to read the series, first time through. You get the distant past! You get the more recent future! Who is DC and what is he up to?


  1. King Perry
  2. In King Daniel, read chapters 1-3
  3. King Mai
  4. In King Daniel, read chapters 4-7
  5. The Butterfly King
  6. In King Daniel, read chapters 8-10
  7. King John
  8. In King Daniel, read chapter 11
  9. Come Back to Me
  10. Finish reading King Daniel


#3 – Chronology Sequence:  The tales in The Lost and Founds are told out of chronological sequence. If you wanted to read “oldest adventure to most recent,” you could read them in this sequence and watch Vin Vanbly grow into his kinging skills. Some inside jokes will be explained early, and that might make it “less fun” when you come upon them in King Perry. I probably wouldn’t recommend this sequence unless you’re re-reading the series. In that case, shake things up and you’ll witness new patterns emerge.


  1. The Butterfly King – takes place in 1993
  2. King Mai – takes place in 1996
  3. King Perry – 1999
  4. King John – 2002
  5. Come Back to Me – 2005
  6. King Daniel – 2013


#4 – HEA Sequence:  SPOILER ALERT—QUIT READING. SPOILER ALERT. This sequence is close to the traditional publishing sequence with one exception: Come Back To Me is recommended first. If you’re the kind of reader who really needs to see a Happily Ever After, try reading Come Back To Me first. As you read the other books (which may cause you a little heart pain because Vin is still single) it will comfort your heart to know good things are eventually coming for Vin Vanbly. But there are a number of inside comments/jokes/spoilerisms less fun because you didn’t read the books in sequence #1 or sequence #2. (Just want you to be fully warned.)


  1. Come Back to Me
  2. King Perry
  3. King Mai
  4. The Butterfly King
  5. King John
  6. King Daniel


However, you read this series (and thank you, if you do), I hope you enjoy yourself.




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