Different Ways To Read The Lost and Founds

Hi. I’m Edmond Manning, author, and enjoyer of butternut squash soup with green onions sprinkled on top. I designed this series to be read in four different sequences. If you’re the kind of reader who likes to reread books, I’d like to present a few options.

#1 – Traditional Sequence: This is the sequence in which the full novels were published. (Heh. I used ‘in which.’) In my opinion, this is the second best sequence for first-time readers. It’s probably how most everyone reads this series, like books in a series are supposed to be read. The normal way. Nothing wrong with that.


1.     King Perry

2.     King Mai

3.     The Butterfly King

4.     King John

5.     Come Back to Me

6.     King Daniel


#2 – Heightened Cliffhanger Sequence: Designed to taunt and delight readers who want a little extra sriracha sauce splashed into their Vin Vanbly. I may be biased, since I wrote all the words, but for first-time readers, this is probably the best way to read the series. Seriously. Higher level of craziness and mystery.


1.     King Perry

2.     In King Daniel, read chapters 1-3

3.     King Mai

4.     In King Daniel, read chapters 4-7

5.     The Butterfly King

6.     In King Daniel, read chapters 8-10

7.     King John

8.     In King Daniel, read chapter 11

9.     Come Back to Me

10.  Finish reading King Daniel


#3 – Chronology Sequence: If you wanted to read “oldest to most recent adventure,” you could watch Vin Vanbly grow into his kinging skills. Some inside jokes and plot will be explained prematurely, and that might make it “less fun” when you come upon them later, so I do NOT advocate this for first-time readers. I advocate this sequence for readers returning to the series. Read the Chronology Sequence and you’ll see different patterns. (Hint: look at how Vin’s language usage evolves….)


1.     The Butterfly King – takes place in 1993

2.     King Mai – takes place in 1996

3.     King Perry – 1999

4.     King John – 2002

5.     Come Back to Me – 2005

6.     King Daniel – 2013


#4 –HEA Sequence: SPOILER ALERT. This sequence is close to the Traditional Sequence with one exception: Come Back To Me is read first. If you’re a first-time reader who really needs to see a Happily Ever After, try this. There are a number of inside jokes, plots, and surprises that will be a little less fun because you didn’t read the books in the traditional or heightened cliffhanger sequence—just want you to be fully warned. Also, this is probably the darkest book. But it DOES have the romantic HEA and it’s a pretty big happy, which for some folks might make reading the earlier books easier.


1.     Come Back to Me

2.     King Perry

3.     King Mai

4.     The Butterfly King

5.     King John

6.     King Daniel



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